Learn to Read Torah

Are you looking for a resource to learn how to chant Torah? How about an easy way to learn the
Hebrew service? Look no further! Rabbi Israel Vana, a seasoned and knowledgeable rabbi has
recorded the entire Torah for you to study from.

Special services for the congregation who read the tri annual and the any who may read less then the whole Torah reading of the week. If you need a shorter reading please send me a e mail and record you exactly what you desire and e mail you the reading or i will post it here in the site. There must not be any person who is not able to have his or her torah available

All files are in mp3 format, so you can listen to them on your computer or any digital audio player on the planet. You can purchase an individual parasha, or save by purchasing a package that includes several readings. Samples are available, so you can try before you buy.]


Recognition and thanks

“Kol haomer davar beshem omero mevi geula laolam” our rabbis said : Any person who gives credit to a person who is responsible for any saying brings salvation to the whole universe. From the rabbis’ teachings we learn that we must give credit to the people who are responsible for this site. Without them this site would have never seen the light of day. Many thanks and appreciation must be given to my son-in-law Daniel Wolk. From the holy land and 10.000 miles away, he assisted in putting this site together.

From Pensacola, all credit must be giving to my friend and member of the shul, Jason Rubin. Technical assistance was provided by Mr. Lou Goldstein. The special equipment was donated to our shul by Mr. Ross and Mrs. Marci Goodman. Editor at large Ms Anita Schonberger

May G-D bless the work of their hands.