About the Rabbi

Rabbi Vana was born in Israel. At age 5 he started learning to read Hebrew. He was taught by his father Mori Seadia Vana, may he rest in peace, his mother Shulamith Vana and his older brother Rami Vana. At age 15 he went to Mikve Israel, a boarding school where he learned the Ashkenazik nusah. At 18.5 he joined the I.D.F. and in 1974 he migrated to the U.S. He spent the next 20 years in San Diego, CA. From 1974-1976 he held the position of Torah reader for the San Diego Old Age Home. From 1976 until 1991 he joined Beth Tefilah, a conservative shul. Under the leadership of the great Rabbi Samuel Penner, may he rest in peace, he held the position of torah reader, bar and bat mitzvah instructor, baal tefilah and any other religious positions that were required. During this time many students learned to chant the torah readings and ultimately became great assets to their community.

In 1989 through 1992 Mr. Vana studied at Tifeereth Israel Yeshivah, an orthodox school and was ordained as a rabbi. From 1991 and until 1993 Rabbi Vana become the Rabbi for Temple Beth Sholom in Chula Vista, CA.

From 1993 and until the present time Rabbi Vana moved to Pensacola, FL. and became the rabbi for B’Nai Israel Synagogue, a conservative congregation. During this period Rabbi Vana held an array of religious positions such as Mohel, Cantor, Hebrew school teacher, Torah reader and Bar/ Bat Mitzvah instructor.

Rabbi Vana ‘s goal is to allow any person in the world who has access to a computer, to be able to study torah reading, services and anything a person wants to learn about Judaism. If you can not afford to purchase any torah reading , write to me . I will give you a code and you will be able to use the site free of charge.

Good luck and enjoy your study session. Remember what our great rabbi Moshe Rabeinu said “lo bashamayim he.” (Moshe Rabeinu alav hashalom told us that the Torah is not in the heavens. It is in our hearts and in our mouths’ to do).